Vivese is a tonic liquor created fifty years ago by Nunù Vivese, who selected typically Mediterranean herbs and scents that represent “the taste of Naples” worldwide. Right Studio has produced the creative concept for Vivese’s website; the inspiration is the Gulf of Naples, which is represented by lights that change depending the time when seamen arrive there. Right Studio has highlighted the concept of time, illustrating the history of this tonic liquor, and the concept of space, focusing on the typical traits of the region where the liquor was born. The website narrates the history of the founder’s family, and it unveils the secrets of a recipe that is handed down from one generation to the other, without forgetting the region’s culture that is embodied by Vivese. Culture, traditions and regional peculiarities also lie at the heart of the creative concept that Right Studio has developed on social networking sites: from Naples’ typical raffle to Totò.